B17 Synergy Pack-500mg


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A combo pack that includes a bottle of 500 milligram strength B17, a bottle of Megazyme Forte and a bottle of Super B15 TMG.

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Are you looking for the benefits of Apricot Seeds but want the convenience of capsules and tablets? Or maybe you want a little higher amount of the nutrients than is practical to consume from just the seeds? You asked – we listened!

This combo pack not only gives you a great deal on the price of these products for buying them together, but saves you ordering time as well!

Rightly named, the B17 Synergy Pack helps you make the most of your B17 by giving you not only a bottle of 500 milligram strength B17, but also a bottle of Enzymes and B15 present in Apricot Seeds which you would be missing out on if you used only the B17 supplement. In fact, our Megazyme Forte has even more enzymes in its complex which complement the B17 and Super B15 in helping support your immune system!

Save time, money, and feel the synergy today!

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